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Annual Report 2010

Africa, a place that has known many sorrows, now stands on the cusp of a remarkable new era. Home to nearly one billion people, it has made significant political and economic gains in recent years, gains that are beginning to restore its reputation as a land of enterprise and hope. TrustAfrica, a public foundation led by Africans, strives to secure the conditions for democracy and equitable development throughout the continent ... Read more

United Nations

Human Security for All

The quest for security dates back to the oldest story ever written, the epic of Gilgamesh, in which a heroic leader strives to protect his people by building a massive wall around their city. Today, concerns about external aggression still run high — and rightly so. But hostile armies are not the only perils menacing the world today. Millions of men, women and children around the globe awaken each day to chronic poverty, internal conflicts ... Read more

Ford Foundation

Islam and the Modern World

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im is a man who wants to go home and can’t. As a political dissident from Sudan, he has spent the last 16 years in exile, writing and teaching about Islam, human rights and criminal law in Egypt, Sweden, Canada and the United States. Now, following the terrorist attacks of September 11, his view of the tensions that shape many Arab and Muslim societies holds even greater currency. An-Na’im, 55, describes himself as an Islamic modernist, a practicing Muslim who seeks to reconcile his religious heritage with the realities of an ever-changing world ... Read more

The New York Times

Truth? Yes. Reconciliation? Maybe

Gabrielle Lansner has a penchant for turning solemn literary texts into vivid, psychologically charged pieces of movement theater. “Holocaust Stories,” the trilogy of character studies she completed last year, sprang from the pages of Bertolt Brecht, Cynthia Ozick and Kathrine Kressmann Taylor, giving flesh and bones to the anguished souls these writers outlined in print. With her newest work,”Salt Chocolate” Ms. Lansner delves into a different genre, nonfiction, and a different era, South Africa in the wake of apartheid ... Read more

The New York Times

Uniting the Passion of Art and the Peace of the Soul

The death of any artist, from the unsung to the oversold, is an occasion for looking back. Yet taking the measure of William Congdon, who died April 15 on his 86th birthday, proves rather tricky. As a painter associated with the New York School, the cluster of Abstract Expressionists who shook up the ... Read more

selected writing

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— Laura Walworth, art director, Ford Foundation

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— Elizabeth Zimmer, editor, Village Voice